Pay It Forward

Well, well, looks like this blog finally got some kind of award. Grace Chu over at Grace the Spot gave  linky lovin' recognition to Up Popped A Fox yesterday. I want to assure Grace and all of you out there that the foxes will indeed fight for your honor. I gladly accept this award on behalf of, well, myself. Sure, there is no financial reward...hell, there's not even a plaque to hang in my family room next to the mounted deer head and giant sea bass that grace the paneled walls. Still, I'm honored. I wish my parents were alive to see this so they could say, "What the hell is a blog?! Are you a doctor yet?" They'd be so confused proud! As part of my duties as an award winner, I have to wear a tiara and travel the globe spreading good will and The Homosexual Agenda which should be easy since I do that every day. Well, I don't wear a tiara but the rest of that? Hell yeah! I must also pass the award on to three other blogs. So, I hereby present this award to:

1)The Other Mother: Robin works her blog off over there...organizing and coordinating blogging events for all of us, reminding us to appreciate our readers and writing, writing, writing. She was one of the first bloggers to link to my blog and she will always have a special place in my little bloggin' heart.

2)LesbianDad: Is the personal political? You betcha and Polly's blog is living (okay...maybe virtual) proof of that. She can take a small family story and spin it into the greater political context which is a talent. Oh, and she mixes a mean cocktail!

3)Peaches and Coconuts: I came across Deborah's blog through The Lezzy Awards and keep going back for more. What's not to love about a writer who wrote the following in a post titled "The Story of Passover: Exodus"?

I’m not sure that I should refer to my anus and foreign tongue in the same sentence.

That is some funny stuff.

In all seriousness (imagine me speaking in my best ABC Afterschool Special voice), support from other bloggers is essential in keeping a blog going. It's a blog eat blog world out there. For the above mentioned bloggers to accept the award, they too must pay it forward.

Now, I must retire to my trophy room and polish all of my awards...and brush the deer head's fur...and mist the sea bass. Life as a D-list blogger is so hard.