Customer Service

Peep Week 2009I have been editing videos every night for the past week. I'm a little sleep deprived but we are in the home stretch now - this is the penultimate post of Peep Week. My original plan for today was to simply post the Peep Show trailer again to get everyone ready for the big premiere tomorrow but I feel that you deserve more than that. You've been such enthusiastic readers this week, so earnest. You've posted peep-related links, given the low down on peep sightings and one reader even sent me a picture of a peep latte inspired by Peep Week (I'll post the links and pic next week in a Peep Week round-up that will include the picture of the 2009 Peep Centerpiece). It's been all peeps and love around here and I wanted to add a little punch to this post so I decided I would try to find out what happened to the white peep because we deserve to know why the white peep became extinct. That's why I made a little call to the customer service department at Just Born, Inc. (the company that makes Peeps). I wish that I could have put it on speaker phone so that you could have heard both sides of the conversation but I didn't want to get in legal trouble. So, my side of the conversation and the rough transcription that follows the video will have to do.

So, this is basically what Lisa told me:

The white peeps were discontinued due to dwindling demand from consumers and retailers alike. She then rocked my world and told me the white bunnies had been discontinued before the white chicks. White bunnies? I had no idea. I've never seen one...and never will. It might have been better to have never known the white bunnies existed...such a loss. Anyway, the bunnies were discontinued in 2004 and the chicks in 2006. I'd like to point out that I was pretty damn close about the date the chicks disappeared since I said in the Walgreen's video that I hadn't seen them in the past couple of years. Will we be seeing peeps to celebrate same-sex marriage? It's unlikely. Lisa asked if I was interested in a peep of many colors (Didn't Dolly Parton sing a song about that?) or a box with a rainbow assortment of peeps. Both options seemed good. She then said, "We appreciate your interest" which must be a stock answer to any question because she said that when I asked about the white peeps. She then said that they had tried packaging several colors in a bundle for purchase but they did not sell. She then added that there would be no way to make a rainbow colored peep or to package different colored peeps in a single package due to manufacturing limitations. Again, she said that she appreciated my interest and would note that in her call log. Maybe we should all call Just Born, Inc. and ask for peeps to celebrate gay marriage. They would certainly appreciate our interest. The phone call was interesting and, if we amass more peepy questions, I can make a call for Peep Week 2010.

Tonight, I will be putting the finishing touches on the Peep Show and it will be posted tomorrow. To get us in the mood, I present the official trailer once again:

Until tomorrow then...