Tadpoles and Chickens

So, when I called for possible blog topics, Shelly was a bit of a smarty pants and suggested tadpoles and free-range chickens. I googled that topic thinking that I'd find some obscure article that I could use for a starting point but there was nothing. Apparently, the world doesn't have much to say about tadpoles and free-range chickens. So, I decided that I would talk to Miguel who has a great imagination and see if he would be willing to write a story and he did. So, without further ado, I present the very first blog post ever written by a guest blogger here on Up Popped A Fox.  

The Curious Explorers - by Miguel Reich-Brandão

Once there were eleven free-range chickens and six tadpoles and they were all very curious. One day, they went into a secret cave and discovered a lab and saw two bottles - one was brown and the other was yellow.* Suddenly, one tadpole said, "Let's drink them because I've got it all figured out. So, Cheep, Peep, Leap, Deep, Meep, Treep, Steep, Teep, Theep, Reep and Queep - you drink the yellow one and we'll drink the brown one because you're yellow and we're brown." So, everybody in the group drank and went back in time to the Jurassic period and saw lots of dinosaurs. They also saw lots of dinosaur bones but the Jurassic period was different as they kept exploring. They saw a dinosaur with two heads and one that had 10 eyes which is amazing because the world has only known a dinosaur bone with a third eye and suddenly the eleven chickens and the six tadpoles were at a nice field and the chickens said, "That was a great adventure!"


The End 


*Miguel would like me to tell you that he made the colors of the potions in the bottles brown and yellow because tadpoles are brown and chickens are yellow, not because of pee and poop.