What the Duck?

Let me begin by saying that I am not really sporting a pompadour in that picture. No siree...there are shadows involved that make my hair look twice its natural height. Let's also try to ignore the disgusting brown carpet and tattered green couch. This was a furnished house inhabited by college students. I would like to point out the beautiful Sesame Street coloring pages affixed with tape to the wall behind me. Tape. On paint and plaster. I would never do that now. It's unclear what that dark blue blob on the left is...pillow? garment bag? I can't say. Instead of focusing on the poor decor and the dirty carpet, train your eyes on those boots. Those were some fine boots, bought for two bucks at the local used clothing store. This is the last photo I have of the duck shirt. Then, just like that, it was gone. This sweater stuck around for quite some time...for reasons that defy explanation. Although, who wouldn't want giant mallards on their boobs?

This was taken on the day of my college graduation (1991). Clearly, I had blown my hair dry or something because it looks unusually soft and silky. That's Raquel, the Mistress of the Flans, on the right and I think she might actually have a pompadour. Fortunately for me, Raquel rarely reads my blog so she won't mind that I posted that picture...and by "won't mind" I mean, "won't find out".

Maybe this duck thing is in the genes...