The Lezzy Awards

Last year, this little ol' blog was nominated for Lesbian Blog of the Year over at The Lesbian Lifestyle. I have a nice little following here but "little" is the key word and I have no illusions that I am a Big Time Lesbian Blogger. I am just a Big Time Lesbian which is pretty special. Lesbian Blog of the Year was definitely out of my league, however. 


Self-promotion is not my strong suit. It actually freaks me out a bit. This is one of the reasons why I am a lowly public servant and not a wildly successful writer and filmmaker. That's inability to promote myself is the only hindrance to fame and fortune. It simply can't be that I am a talentless hack. That said, my blog has been nominated for a Lezzy once again and I have decided to ask you to promote me. See...we both win that way. You promote me and I don't have to promote myself and, well, it seems you get nothing out of the deal. Isn't this fabulous?!


The voting began today and continues through Friday, 2/9/09. You can vote once every 24 hours in the following categories:


Best Lesbian Culture/Entertainment Blog Best Lesbian Humor Blog Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog Best Lesbian Feminism/Political Blog Best Lesbian Personal Blog Best Lesbian 50 and over Blog Best Gender Bender Blog Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog Best Overall Lesbian Blog of the Year


I'm guessing I was nominated in the Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog category which is kinda funny. The wedding part, not the parenting part. Not that I couldn't be a wedding planner because I would be really good at that. I would answer every challenge with "More booze!" and "How about a live dove?" Actually, screw the voting. Book me for your next wedding. I suppose it's possible I was nominated in Best Personal Blog. That works too. I'm thinking I don't stand a chance in the Sex/Erotica category, though... unless people find Duck Shirts and Boob Mallards Super Sexy. Anyway, I am asking you to run over there and vote for me in whatever category fits. Yes, I am promoting myself. Yes, it feels weird. Yes, I have to lie down now.


So, if you are so inclined, go to:


Click on the button that says "Nominate" and enter:


Then, enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the form and submit. If you would like to do it...say....every day through Friday...that would be a bonus. If you want to give these instructions to total strangers and ask them to do it every day through Friday (and by "it" I mean vote because you really shouldn't be doing the other "it" with strangers - Caveat Sexually Transmitted Diseases, people) that would be great too. So, basically, I am asking all of you to help this Lezzy get to the Lezzy finals. How many times can I say "lezzy" in a single post? I don't know but, god, I love that word.