On the Campaign Trail...

So, here we are...Day 2 of voting for The Lezzy Awards. I am very excited to announce that I picked up a celebrity endorsement for Blog of the Year today. That's right...LesbianDad has thrown her support behind me. Now, I just need Dorothy Surrenders and Grace the Spot to split the vote and victory will be mine! See...they'll be like Gore and Nader in 2000 and I will be...um...wait a minute...that would make me W. Drunk Cousin, indeed. I think I'll hope a good showing in the Parenting/Wedding category instead. 


I've decided that all good candidates make campaign promises so, should I win an award in either category, I promise the following:

  1. I promise that I will do my best to blog every single day of the week except for Saturdays and Sunday which are reserved for drinkin' and singin' country songs to Luisa. Nothing says "hot" like a lesbian slurring her way through "Stand By Your Man". I kid. I kid. Weekends are reserved for staring lovingly into the innocent eyes of my sweet little cherubs.
  2. I promise a tax cut for middle and working class families. I've been on the phone with Obama about this for weeks.
  3. I will post my prom picture, a picture from my pageant days, a picture of me in a swimsuit...damn, I did all of that already! Have I no shame? Okay...I'll post a baby picture of Luisa - without her permission. (Sorry honey...a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. Big kiss to you!) Hopefully, that won't mean I'll be singing this country song instead.
  4. I promise not to post about voting every day for the next week. Really.


So, keep voting! I have changed the links in the sidebar so that clicking on the Lezzy graphics takes you right to the voting form. I am making it SO easy for you...because I love you that much. Oh, and your hair looks nice and that outfit is really flattering on you! Go you!