Brought to You by the Letter "L"

  Ooooo-wee! It's old home week in these parts! I'm digging through my past to bring the richness of my life to you! That's shirts, pompadours, Boob Mallards and now this. Yes, I was a cheerleader but it was not my choice - I was conscripted. My mother thought it would be fun for me to be a cheerleader for my cousin's football team, the Lions. You thought that "L" stood for something else, didn't you? I think my mom thought about that non-Lions "L" a lot too and that's why she wrangled me into those tights and that skirt. Trust me, I was not a tights and skirts kind of girl. I was a jeans and Supergirl t-shirt kind of girl. My cheerleading career was short - I hated it and my mother figured out quickly that I was not cheerleading material. Plus, I spilled hot chocolate all over the front of that sweater. It was all for the best...we all know that I switched teams eventually anyway.


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