I should be editing or writing some sort of very thought provoking post. Instead, I am sitting on the couch watching the Golden Globes. I just started watching so I can't comment on a lot of things but I will say that Emma Thompson looks amazing and Sigourney Weaver looked pretty damn good too. Unfortunately, Sandra Bullock, who can be so darn cute, looks like a wedding cake gone wrong. She is funny though...I'll give her that. We had a lovely weekend at home. We did very little and that was part of what made it so wonderful. We hung out, made some food, played ninjas and took down the Christmas tree. It was all quite mellow which is a bit unusual in our house. You would think that I would have a tremendous amount of energy after all of this relaxation but it appears that relaxation begets the desire for more relaxation, thus the couch.

I vow to write something of substance tomorrow. Well, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. It could be tomorrow though. See how wiley I am? I'll leave you with this...