The Christmas Gerbil and Gecko

The kids' Christmas lists were just a tad narrative and abstract this year which posed challenges for Santa and his minions. Miguel asked for "a board that flies a foot above the ground and which ever way you lean it turns". Zeca asked for "purple angels, red angels and pink angels and you collect them and you find them in the cactus area". As you can see, we did not have a lot with which to work. So, we decided to give them what they wanted most but would not ask of Santa - pets. Luisa has horrible allergies so we can't really have another dog or cat and have explained that to the kids. Miguel desperately wants a hamster and Zeca really wants a gecko. So last Friday, Luisa and I met up in the middle of the day, not at a cheap motel for a sordid sexual encounter as it should have been, but at Twin Cities Reptile to look at rodents and reptiles. Who says you can't have romance after 15 years? I had this crazy notion that we could reserve our rodent and reptile and then pick them up on Christmas eve. Um, no. It's cash and carry, my friends. So, an hour after entering the store, I found myself driving home with a gerbil and a gecko in sour cream containers. I called everyone I knew to say, "Hey...I am driving home with a 45 effin' dollar lizard and a Glorified Rat on the front seat of my car". I also had to find a temporary home for them since it was the consensus that "Don't go in my bedroom until after Christmas" might raise some curiosity among the children.

So, the Christmas Gerbil and Gecko are in foster care at Raquel and Susan's house. I have to say...they are pretty cute. Not Raquel and Susan (though they are cute that normal human way) - the gerbil and the gecko. Also, I don't want to brag but I think our new pets might just be the smartest of their respective species. This is based on astute and objective observation, I assure you.