Random Holiday Observations

The Gingerbread ManWhen I was little, the story of The Gingerbread Man really freaked me out. That story is like an anxiety dream...everyone is chasing the Gingerbread Man and trying to eat him. Yikes. Plus, let's be honest, the Gingerbread Man himself is rather freaky. I don't like my food to run from me - that's why I buy my meat in a grocery store. So, I'm thinking I have unresolved Gingerbread issues from my childhood because I find those AT&T GoPhone ads creepy in a very surreal way.

For the past two years, I've called out various businesses for their sexist gift ideas. You can find those posts here and here. I decided to check on one of the repeat offenders, Target, and found that you can now shop for kids by gender, age and personality. I was pleasantly surprised and thought, "Wow...they are learning." Then, I looked at the categories for "personality" even though I assumed the personality options would be the same for both boys and girls. Silly me...they aren't the same at all.

Shop by Personality    Busy Builder    Creative Kiddo    Junior Techie    Li'l Sport    Whiz Kid

Shop by Personality    Creative Kiddo    Gadget Girl    Glamour Girl    Li'l Sport    Whiz Kid

By "personality", they actually mean "stereotypes". So, kudos to Target for the complex layers of sexism inherent in their marketing!

I passed by Dairy Queen yesterday and have to say, "Shame on you, Dairy Queen". I appreciate a good pun as much as the next person and I know it must be hard to shill ice cream when it is 9 below zero but "Yule flip for a Peppermint Twist Blizzard"? Really? That is bad and not so bad that it's good. Just. Plain. Bad.

I saw a gaunt woman dressed completely in white with her hair pulled into a severe bun that was adorned with silver tinsel. She was accompanied by her two daughters who were dressed exactly the same. Her husband and son were dressed in white as well, though they did not get the tinsel treatment. They scared me. They looked like a family of Uptight Icicles. I encourage all of you to avoid this particular fashion choice. Consider this advice my gift to you this holiday season.

Alrighty...I am off for the next few days. I'll be busy constructing gingerbread houses (free of gingerbread men, I assure you) and telling the kids "no", as in "no" you may not have any more cookies..."no" you may not have another candy cane..."no" you may not open your presents..."no" you cannot have any of mama's wine. This parenting thing is hard work.

I wish you all happiness.