Movie Review

We watched The Sound of Music last night on TV. I don't watch much network television anymore, so, it felt so quaint sitting down with the kids to watch a movie that was not on DVD. The movie started at the family friendly time of 6 p.m. so I figured we'd have the kids in bed by 9 p.m. at the very latest. We could have accomplished that reasonable goal had ABC not aired two hours worth of commercials! Our lovely little family evening didn't end until 10 p.m. which meant that I didn't get to go to bed for another hour because I was answering questions about Nazi Germany, explaining why the nuns felt they had sinned for disassembling the Nazi's cars and then theorizing why Captain Von Trapp got the gun away so easily from Rolf, the little punk that fell so quickly out of love with Liesl. You really haven't lived until you've tried to explain the conflicted emotions of imaginary people to a seven year old when you want nothing more than to go to bed. Both kids seemed to enjoy it though...even though Zeca fell asleep right after Maria married the Captain. Luisa and I always enjoy it and laugh inappropriately during some of the scenes with the nuns because we have never recovered from seeing Maile Flanagan's One Woman Sound of Music at the Bryant Lake Bowl many, many years ago. Oh...I wish I had that on tape.   Miguel would probably give it 10 stars out of 4 stars. When Miguel likes something, he really likes it. Zeca would give it 3 stars, partly because it was too long. Luisa and Vikki give the movie 4 stars but give ABC -20 stars for ruining the movie with all those damn commercials.