Luisa's Grand Plan

Miguel wanted to play hockey and I was against it. It is a rough sport, an expensive sport and I have totally bought into all of the terrible stereotypes about boys who play hockey. Luisa, however, decided that the best way to get him not to play hockey would be to allow him to play hockey. This was Luisa's Grand Plan and she was counting on two things:

  • That Miguel would suck at hockey
  • That Miguel would not like the contact involved in hockey

This is a nice theory but I saw two potential flaws in the plan. First, Miguel has always done well in sports and is already a good ice skater. Secondly, we have yet to find a sport that Miguel does not like. Luisa was confident, however, and believed her plan was nearly foolproof. I personally think that she wanted to avoid orthodontia and figured it would be better for Miguel to have no teeth rather than crooked teeth.

So, Luisa took Miguel to his first hockey practice last night. Miguel fell quite a bit in the beginning as he got used to skating with the stick but he improved dramatically in the hour-long practice. Then, as they left, the coach told Luisa, "He's a natural!" Yep. I was afraid of that. When Luisa and Miguel arrived home, Miguel could hardly contain his excitement  because he LOVED HOCKEY SO MUCH! Yep. I was afraid of that too.

Luisa's Grand Plan 0, Hockey 1