Kinda Like That

One of my favorite movie quotes of all times is, "Lenny works out in the garden wearing the lime green gloves of a dead woman". I'll let you all scramble to figure out the movie. I'm kind of like Lenny today except I'm not wearing gloves and I'm not out in the garden. I'm working from home today and I'm wearing my mother's fleece jacket. When my sister and I cleaned out my mother's house after she died, I ran across this black fleece jacket. I pulled it out of the closet and held it to my face and it smelled like my mother's perfume. I decided to take it home with me because it seemed like something I might actually wear...but mostly because it smelled just like my mom, the smell I smelled everytime I nuzzled her neck to give her a kiss. So, I took it home with me and put it in my closet. Each day, I would open the closet and the smell of mom's perfume would hit me and remind me that she was gone. This went on for a couple of weeks and then I went to Portugal. When we returned, I opened the closet and the smell was gone and, in its absence, I felt the finality of my mother's death.

I have my own black fleece jacket that I usually wear around the house but I had to throw it in the laundry a couple of days ago because it was covered in flour and sugar (we've made a lot of cookies this week) and, to be honest, it smelled like armpits. Sugar cookies and arm pits - yum! Today, I couldn't seem to get warm and I needed a jacket to wear around the house. I couldn't wear mine for the odiferous reasons already given, so, I put on my mother's jacket. It's's soft...and it still smells faintly of her perfume. At some point, I put my hand in the pocket and found a used kleenex and that used kleenex brought me to tears.

It's been a hell of a week but we are in the home stretch. Plus, I woke up to this today... IMG_2316

...two cuddly, non-rabid children. Not bad...not bad at all. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a nap before the kids get home. Have a great weekend...I know I will.