The night before last, I had the usual murder dream. What?! You don't have those. Well, I don't actually kill people in my dreams because that would not be very nice and I am, essentially, a very nice girl. No, I basically help hide the bodies. I interpret this to mean that I am a loyal friend because any other interpretation is unflattering. Anyway, in this particular dream, I was at a party at a mansion that sat on a cliff above the ocean. After the party was over, I went outside to find a man had been stabbed out on the patio. There was another man standing there and, given that he wasn't particularly shocked by the scene before us, I suspected he might have been the one to put all those holes in the man on the patio. So, I was all, "What are we going to do?!" The suspect told me that he would take care of the Bloody Man and I thought that meant that he was going to get him some medical care because clearly he wasn't doing so well. So, the guy took the Bloody Man away and I began to clean up the patio. The guy came back awhile later and told me that he took the Bloody Man out on a boat and dumped his body in the ocean. I was like, "OH MY GOD. Bodies drift! The current will bring the body right back to this area! Did you tie anything to his legs?!" Clearly, I had done this sort of thing before or I had watched too many episodes of CSI. The guy was pretty casual about it but I knew. That's right...I knew the police would be arriving soon. Thankfully, I woke up before they got there. Last night, I dreamed that Barack Obama gave me a really bad haircut, like "Don't Leave the House" bad. It was totally flat on top and I was desperately using my Bed Head Tigi Stick to try to get it to stand up like it should but it was cut so badly that I couldn't do anything with it. It looked like a little grey helmet. Then, Luisa came into the room and fought back a laugh. I said, "LOOK WHAT OBAMA DID TO MY HAIR!" She said, "Yeah, it's bad. Of course, how many people can say that they had their hair cut by the president-elect?" This was no consolation because I am vain.

Anxiety dreams...both of them. Still, I get a kick out of them.