Watching and Waiting

Miguel and AugieThere are four adults and four children in our house right now. While the two little ones play in the back room, Miguel and Augie (both 7 years old) are glued to the television. Let me tell you, these two are Chicken Littles. Every time they call a state for McCain, they collapse in a heap and abandon all hope. Thankfully, they called Vermont for Obama and they perked right up. I heard Miguel say in the most sincere voice, "I love Vermont". Augie nodded and said, "Me too." It is going to be a long night. Random thoughts as the night goes on...

ETA 1: Rachel Maddow got a snazzy new haircut. She makes watching the coverage so much more enjoyable.

ETA 2: As I was putting the kids to bed, Luisa began to scream maniacally. Obama took Ohio!

ETA 3: We got New Mexico! Obama has 200 electoral votes - I can almost taste the champagne!

ETA 4: CNN just showed footage of thousands of people in Chicago filing into Grant Park. The sight was overwhelming and brought me to tears. 70,000 people. 70 THOUSAND.


ETA 5: Kristin and I playing dueling laptops. We are squealing...just not like pigs

ETA 6: Brian just saw a whole lotta green grass in Arizona. It makes him sick - there shouldn't be grass in the desert.

ETA 7: The abortion ban failed in South Dakota. Kristin says, "Thank god someone has some sense in South Dakota".

ETA 8: Luisa discovers the disadvantage of watching the election results with young children - no Comedy Central due to "adult content".   Apparently, one of the folks on there said, "shitburger".

ETA 9: What's with the men on MSNBC. They are all wearing black pin stripe suits. They look like disheveled gangsters. Kristin thinks the suits are Zoot Suits. Brian thinks they are too shiny and that water would bead on them.

ETA 10: Samantha Bee is hysterical. Escher references and McCain - priceless.


ETA 12: Kristin is "going rogue" in terms of her political front of the children. Next thing you know, she'll want a clothing allowance.