The Savages

Tonight, Luisa and I watched The Savages which was a tad more depressing than I expected. I thought it was going to be a comic look at family dysfunction and death which gives you a little insight into my character. Who doesn't love family dysfunction?! It turns out that the movie was just way too real. The Savages depicted in the movie are like the families I work with and maybe a tiny bit more like my family than I would like to admit. The only positive thing I could think to say after watching it was, "Well, at least I don't have to go through that with my parents since they're both dead". Cheery, huh? The other reaction I had was that I really need to be nicer to my children. I feel like I've been very impatient lately. I've been tired and the weather has been crappy and I probably need to take some time for myself. Oh! I also have my period. The kids don't know all that though. They are just thinking, "Where in the hell is Fun Mama?" So, anyway, the movie is a nice reminder that your children choose your nursing home. Tomorrow, I am baking cookies for my kids and letting them lick the bowl even though there are RAW EGGS in the batter because Fun Mama don't wanna end up in no hell hole. I think we'll have to rent Home for the Holidays again because that is some good, clean dysfuntional family fun. Plus, it's timely since the plot centers around a Thanksgiving visit. Or, maybe, I really should stick to Legally Blonde...or Miss Congeniality.

Thoughts? Do you have a favorite movie about families? Please discuss.