Tales of the Wacky Introvert

Today was Grandparents' Day at the kids' school...the event that has consumed me for the past week. The same event that led me to Starbucks yesterday in need of coffee for 100. I left work early to pick up cream and flowers which was easy enough. Then, I was driving to the event and I noticed that my finger had split open and was bleeding (the cold has completely dried out my hands - damn you Minnesota). I had no band-aid so I looked through my bag and the only thing I could find was a panty liner. I ripped it open and wrapped it around my finger - it was perfect. So, I showed up at school wearing a panty liner around my finger. So far, so good, huh? I started some of the initial set-up and then needed to leave the kitchen so that the teachers could have lunch in peace. I didn't know what to do with myself so I went and ate lunch in my car. When I finished that, I went back to the kitchen only to find that the teachers were still eating. Guess what I did then? Go ahead. Have you guessed? Well, I went into the bathroom, locked the door and e-mailed a friend via my Blackberry. She didn't respond so I called a friend to chat.  You can only hang out in a bathroom for so long and I think I really pushed the outer limit of that time frame. In case you were wondering, I think 20 minutes is the limit for sitting on a toilet futzing with your Blackberry. I finally emerged from the bathroom and returned to the kitchen and started setting up. Everything else went smoothly. We had plenty of food and plenty of coffee, though a teacher asked if I was providing gin and tonics as well. I told her that I would think about that for next year. I could have used one myself. That said, I survived. It's over. To top that, our kids are spending the night at our friends' house and Luisa and I are going out for sushi and then sleeping as late as our bodies will allow.