Noise Noise Noise

It's been a very long evening that began when I picked Miguel up from school and his teacher said the words I often dread, "I need to talk to you". We survived that...barely. Once we got home, the children chased each other around the house screaming loudly and I tried my best to ignore it. We did finally have to put an end to it when we realized that they had picked up bamboo skewers and were running wild, daring the fates to impale them. I am not kidding about the bamboo skewers. After dinner, Miguel sang the evening away and now he is in his room making crashing noises and jumping around. He reports that he is pretending that two sumo wrestlers are fighting. It sounds like some sort of Sumo Wrestling Opera because he is still singing.  The singing is partly my fault because, last night, he was singing "Common Reaction" by Uh Huh Her and doing such an awesome job that I joined in on back-up vocals. He thought this was so much fun that we sang it again when I picked him up from school today and again on an errand and again when we got home. It stuck with both of us. Maybe now it will stick with you...though we sing the version from the album which is much more upbeat and "rockin'"as Miguel says.