Tonight, during cuddle time, Zeca had a lot to say. I'm not sure where this came from but she spoke with passion. Zeca: Mama...don't blame me, don't blame Miguel, don't blame Mãe...don't even blame yourself...but, Jesus died awhile ago.

Me: Yes, that's true.

Zeca: Why did they kill Jesus?

Me: Well, Jesus believed that people should love one another, take care of each other, that people should look after the poor...

Zeca (interrupting): Those are good things, Mama! Why would they kill him when he thought good things?

Me: It's complicated. People with power sometimes want to hold onto their power...

Zeca (interrupting again): Mama....Jesus is the son of God. Does God fly or does she walk?

Me: I don't think God flies.

Zeca: Well, why didn't God kill the people before they killed Jesus?

Me: Because killing is wrong.

Zeca: I don't want Jesus to be dead so I think someone should maybe change their name to "Jesus", like Cinderella could change her name. I hate Cinderella so she could change her name to "Jesus" and then Jesus would still be here.

Me: It doesn't work that way.

Zeca: Mama...can I call you "Jesus"?

Me: No.

Zeca: Please Mama...let me call you "Jesus".

Me: Definitely no.

Zeca: Fine. I'll have to go to Portugal then because I saw Jesus when we were there.