Family Fun in the Car

We hadn't been in the car and on the road 15 minutes this morning when the kids began to bicker. The following conversation between Zeca and Miguel was the denouement: Zeca: I went down the big blue slide at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Miguel: I know. Were you scared?

Zeca: No, I wasn't scared.

Miguel: Zeca, be honest.

Zeca: Miguel! I wasn't scared.

Miguel: Be honest.

Zeca: I wasn't scared!

We then heard a *smack* and Miguel began to wail. I turned around to see Miguel holding his ear, tears running down his face. Zeca was looking out her window.

Miguel (sobbing): Zeca hit me in the ear with her book for no reason!

Vikki: Zeca! You cannot hit your brother!

Zeca (calmly and with a casual shrug): wasn't for no reason...