I grew up in the good old days when parents let their children watch as much television as their hearts' desired. Apparently, when I was 5 years old, I would settle down to watch commercials and then walk away when the actual programming came back on. I still appreciate a good commercial and, for reasons that I cannot explain, this one makes me laugh uncontrollably.

Then, when searching for the above clip, I ran across an entire mocumentary. A mocumentary with a faux serious Brooke Shields? How can you not want to go out and kiss a Volkswagen...

The love of commercials must run in the family because Miguel has taken a liking to a few. (Yes, we have been letting him watch a teeny, tiny bit of football on Sundays. Alright?). He has an amazing memory and has a knack for imitating voices. I'm just very sad that he has chosen to mimic a Taco Bell ad. If I have to hear about the "New Cheesy Burrito from Taco Bell" one more time, I'm going to give him to one of those families trying to get pregnant for German engineering.