A Lighter Note

Alright...things have been pretty darn serious around here lately so it is time for something a little lighter. I happen to think that embarrassing confessions are great fun! So, in the name of the greater good, I am going to confess something here today. I have hinted at a fascination with pop culture but it is time that I admit that I have a pop culture addiction. That may not seem like much but, wait, it's going to get better and by "better", I mean worse. So, I already confessed that I got shamelessly hooked on The L Word but then I got shamelessly hooked on Leisha Hailey who plays Alice. There is a lot to love about Leisha. She is a great comic actress. She also paints. To top it all off, she is a damn good musician. Well, last night, Luisa and I went to see her band, Uh Huh Her. I know that saying I went to see the band because I really like the music is going to sound about as genuine as those who say they read Playboy for the articles but it is true. I swear. Anyway, Luisa bought me tickets (rather expensive tickets) for my birthday and we went to the concert last night. I did not squeal like a school girl or anything but she is really cute and...ahem...I took pictures.

Uh Huh HerI had a fabulous time and what's hotter than women playing guitars? Not much.

You can check out some of their music on their myspace page. Yes, I am referring you to a myspace page which is my final humiliation.