Up Popped a Fox Light - Now with Fewer Posts!

I was at the pool with Zeca on Friday, lying in the shallow end, relaxin' and watching Zeca play in the fountains when a woman swam up to me and asked, "Are you an older mother?" I was silent for a beat as I pondered this question or, more accurately, thought "What the hell?!" I then shrugged and said, "Um, yeah, I guess. I just turned 40". She then went on to explain that she had her daughter at 43 and is now 46 and that my hair made me look old but my face still looked fairly young and all I could think to say was, "I've been gray for awhile now".  She kept talking, doing the verbal backstroke, while I nodded and smiled politely until she finally swam away. I'm shy but this was not about shyness. This wasn't even about being offended because I wasn't. This was about really not having the energy to give to someone that I don't know, someone that I won't likely see again. My energy seems to be in short supply these days so I have had to institute my own conservation program. As part of this, without really any conscious thought, I've cut back on posting. I'm not really sorry about dissing the Pool Lady but I do actually care about this here little ol' blog. Today, a friend e-mailed me and said, "So, are you saving up for November?" referring to my lack of posting and NaBloPoMo which I have participated in for the past two years (check November 2006 and November 2007 over on the sidebar to check out those posts). Let's just say that I have been saving up and more posts will be on the way very soon! Anyway, since I'm only offering this throw away post...how about a picture? Me and Weeze

 I love this picture but Luisa does not. I am posting this without her permission which, hopefully, won't bring down our 15 year relationship. Honestly, if my crabbiness yesterday didn't do it, I think we are rock solid.