The Lesbian Swimsuit Competition

This contestant hails from Kansas City. Lest you think she is some city slicker, please know that she is from Kansas City, Kansas. Vikki is a 40 year old social worker and mother of two. That's right...she solves other people's problems for a living and then goes home to whip up cupcakes for her unruly children. If she could have one wish granted, it would be for peace. Not world peace, just a little peace of mind for herself and maybe a trip to the bathroom without a 3 year old. Is that too much to ask?! Really?! Ahem. Without further ado... Vikki is wearing a ratty old stocking cap found in the basement of the cabin with a lovely, black Speedo swimsuit. To complete the ensemble, she has donned a pair of old, oversized waders with a small hole in the bottom. Vikki chooses function over fashion by using a braided nylon fish stringer to keep her waders from falling down.

Vikki posing

Vikki in waders 







The judges are impressed with Vikki's Lesbian Swimsuit entry. The only thing that could have made it more lesbian is for Vikki to be holding a roll of duct tape.

That Lesbians in the Wild calendar is getting more attractive by the day, isn't it? Nothing says hot like a woman in waders with a farmer's tan!