Life After Forty

I'm back. I know you were worried that turning 40 had killed me but I have just been busy. Plus, things just take longer now that I am at an Advanced Age. So, what's been going on? Well... On my birthday, Luisa and I went out to dinner at Spoonriver. The food was fabulous and we had a very nice server. My only complaint is that we were seated next to two large parties and they were very loud. I go out to get away from The Loud which, I think, is how I will refer to my lovely offspring from here on out. Despite the noise, we had a lovely time.

On 10/2/08, I went with a friend to see Rachael Yamagata at the Fine Line. I hadn't been to a concert in quite some time and I knew that this particular venue would likely be filled with younguns so it took me a half hour to figure out what to wear. It would have taken longer but Zeca was happy to give me fashion advice. You know you are in trouble when you are taking your wardrobe advice from a three year old. We agreed on the jeans, shoes, belt and jacket but we had a disagreement on the shirt. In the end, I went with my choice. She told me I looked "nice" but I couldn't help but notice that she shook her head as she walked away.  As for the concert itself, let's just say that I am way too old for general admission. We stood for two hours before Rachael even came on the stage and then it was an hour and a half more after that. I'm also too old to be standing next to people rubbing all over each other and making out a mere two inches away from me. Personal space, people! Rachael was sick and hoarse so her set was pretty short. She couldn't hit the higher notes in her range but really made the most of the Janice Jopliny thing she had going on. She was quite charming to boot. Her new album came out yesterday and there is some good stuff on there. Go check it out.

Last weekend, we went to our friends' cabin in Wisconsin. There was a whole gaggle of us, including 8 kids. By Vikki Math, that means it seemed like there were actually 80 children there. Good times!

IMG_1914That's me lounging on the front, posing for the 2009 Lesbians in the Wild Calendar.


IMG_1936Zeca and I went out in the canoe with some friends...


IMG_1934...and took in the fall colors.


IMG_1962Miguel made a sand ball and spent the weekend protecting it from predators (well, really just one - his sister).

Theoretically, things are going to slow down now. Fall is here and we should all be curled up with books, drinking tea or something warm that actually tastes good. We should all be nesting. I'm ready for that. 

*Please forgive the formatting. I can't seem to get it right and am tired of messing with it. This happens when you turn 40. You just can't be bothered with such trivial matters. You'll see.