The Portuguese Yeti

It's been over a week. I bet you thought you were safe and would never have to watch another one of my poorly made home movies. Oh, you poor innocent souls...I have SO much footage. So, hit play if you have nothing better to do...

Episode 3

In this episode, I take you to a restaurant on the beach and invite you to break bread with us. Figuratively. I mean, just like I didn't actually give you pastries with episode 1, I can't really give you the feast captured in this video. Sorry about that. This video has a bit too much of me in it. I reveal the real me...the one with bad Portuguese pronunciation, frightening beach hair and an errant tongue. You will see that I find myself quite funny...funnier than others find me. You will also see that I am a horrible camera person but I do take consolation in the fact that I am better than Raquel who is responsible for the last part of this video...the part that recreates what it must be like to be sucked down a whirlpool or, perhaps, into a tornado. You will also see that I am a stalker. Yes, I video-stalked the owner of this restaurant. I am considering t-shirts that read: I video-stalked the Portuguese yeti. Pop a Dramamine and enjoy the show!