There is a saying that time flies when you are having fun. You've probably never heard of it because it is very obscure and only known by those in the highest of intellectual circles. Well, I am finding this saying to be quite true lately. I intended to post something spectacular tonight but I got distracted by the chocolate cake, the wine and the card playin'. In short, the fun seems to be interfering with my blogging. Luisa might argue that, tonight, the wine is interfering with my blogging. She asked if perhaps there were rules against blogging while tipsy. I guess one of you could slap me with a citation for WUI (writing under the influence, of course) but no one was injured in the publishing of this here post. I do, however, have to go to bed now. We are taking a day trip to Sintra tomorrow. I won't leave without throwing you a crumb or two...enjoy some pictures!

 Cabo da Roca

Miguel and Zeca

Vikki and Luisa

Kids at sunset