My Thought Bubble

One minute, he was with us lounging on a wonderfully flat piece of interior wall and the next minute he was gone. The following will give you a peak into my inner world... Castelo Dos Mouros"Where is Miguel? He was right here. Dammit. Where the hell is he? Luisa probably has Miguel. LUISA! Oh...Luisa is behind me. Oh no...she doesn't know where Miguel is. He's gone! Oh my god! He was right here and then 'poof'. Gone just like...OH. MY. GOD! F&#@! There he is! He is the tiny blue dot on that distant tower! LUISA! Miguel is a tiny blue dot on that distant tower! That tower is 5 gazillion feet off the ground! He is going to plummet to his death! I know it! There will be plummeting. This will be the vacation that we remember as the one during which Miguel PLUMMETED TO HIS DEATH! I can't reach him! He is too far away! SIT STILL BLUE DOT! SIT STILL! HELP! Somebody make the blue dot sit still!"

Thankfully, no one died today though the few brown hairs that remained on my head have now turned gray.