I Don't Write - I Don't Call

Because I'm on vacation, I thought I would have lots and lots of energy for blogging. It turns out that I don't. It could be that we drink wine with lunch every day. Heck, today, I even chased my lunch wine with some sort of almond liquor. Alcohol and motivation rarely exist together except on those rare occasions when you are chugging beer with rugby pals and are inspired to break into a storage room at a bar and steal a giant sombrero and a pink flamingo. I'm not saying that ever happened. I've just heard tell of such things. Now, where was I? Oh yes, midday drinking. That could be part of my blogging inertia or it could be that I'm just worn out from all the FUN with the kids at the beach and the pool. There is no lolling about on the beach when you have young children. There is paddle ball and sea shell gathering and the building of sand castles. There is no rest at the pool either. Nope. There is swimming with a 40 pound child on your back and playing shark while chased by another child. This is tiring. So, by the time dinner rolls around and I have the Dinner Wine - well, I'm ready to call it a day. Or maybe it is none of this. Maybe my brain is just tired of all this beauty...  Purty Portugal