Two Weeks Notice

Every weekday morning, Luisa gets up early to make the coffee and prepare lunches for the children and me before she leaves for work. I get up, get myself ready, wake the kids and get them ready for the day. We then head out the door and into the world with our homemade lunches. This is one of the ways that Luisa shows her love. It is very sweet and I know that I am spoiled. I am bringing this up now because, quite frankly, my lunches have really sucked this week. I have opened my little lunch box with excitement only to find it lacking. At times, there has been no balance to the meal and, at other times, there has simply been no fork. On more than one occasion, I have opened my lunch box and said aloud, “Is that it?!” I can't really complain to Luisa though because I’ve been packing my own lunches this week. It has not been pretty. Luisa has not gone on strike (though I wouldn’t blame her if she did) but there has been a temporary change in our schedules due to the kids and their respective summer programs. The bigger concern, however, is that Luisa is actually leaving the country in two weeks…with the kids…for a month…and I will be left behind to fend for myself. I have to make a few confessions here (if you are reading this at home, feel free to play it as a drinking game for added fun):

  • I’ve never lived alone.
  • I’ve never eaten alone at a restaurant.
  • I’ve never written a check for the mortgage.
  • I’ve never been alone in our house for more than five days.

I realize that this is rather pitiful. When we first planned this several months ago, I thought to myself, “What will I do for a month by myself?” and I fretted and dabbed at my eyes with a dainty handkerchief. With the trip only 14 days away, that question remains the same but the emphasis is now, “What will I do for a month by myself?!” and I've handed the handkerchief over to Luisa. I have all sorts of plans. I plan to start by doing a whole lotta nothin’. Then, I plan to sleep more than I do now. I am going to watch all of the movies and television shows that Luisa doesn’t like. I have already planned some outings with friends. I might exercise…and play the guitar…and blog more. Oh…and I’ll pine for Luisa and the kids, of course. My only fear now is not that I won’t know what to do with myself but rather that I will become too attached to the freedom, too attached to this road not taken.

When the month is over, I am going to Portugal to join my little family and will get to do a bunch of other things I’ve never done like…

  • I’ve never had to make my own arrangements for getting to the airport.
  • I’ve never flown internationally by myself.
  • I’ve never gone through customs by myself.
  • I’ve never navigated the Portuguese airport by myself.
  • I’ve never got to have one of those teary reunions in an airport.

So, in two weeks, my life will change a bit and I am planning on boring you all with the details.