Miguel Miguel left this morning to spend a couple days at the Lake Country Land School with his class. He was so excited to go and, though I was excited for him, I couldn't help but ask if he would miss us. He smiled and said, "Mama...I will be very busy with fun activities!" which was a really nice way of saying "no". He has always been this way, eager for experiences separate from us. At times, I think that we have made him feel secure enough to explore the world without us. At other times, I think that we have made such a mess of this parenting thing that he is simply that desperate to get away from us. Regardless, Miguel was ready to go and we were ready to let him go. There was only one family member who was not at peace with all of this... Miguel and Zeca

This morning, Zeca had to face the reality that she would not see her brother until Friday. She sobbed and repeatedly intoned, "I want my brother!" Miguel held her until she stopped crying and then told her that he would see her again soon.

I am often astounded by my love for my children but, when I see their love for each other, I am awed.