Grey Day

It is really grey outside and it looks like it might storm soon. Grey or gray? I know that both are acceptable...I am just wondering if you all have preferences. In my youth, I always used gray. Now, I am more partial to grey. I'm sure that is fascinating to, well, no one. I am home today with a sick kid. I'm tired...if it isn't one kid waking at night, it is the other. Do they conspire to deprive us of sleep? When they are drawing pictures together, are they really writing out a schedule for their sleepless nights? I'm growing suspicious. My mother-in-law arrives in about 10 hours and the house is not yet clean. She doesn't care about that sort of thing, doesn't break out the white gloves to inspect every surface like my mother does. Still, I want the house clean. I've realized, though, that lack of sleep makes me rather inert. It also, apparently, makes me write about incredibly obvious revelations. I've spent the morning reading blogs and browsing iTunes which was probably not the best use of my time given the circumstances. It's the perfect day for doing nothing but there is much to be done. I have to clean the stove. I really hate cleaning the stove. Actually, I hate cleaning in general. Now, organizing? I love that. I just wish that I could do the organizing and someone else would do the cleaning. I've always wanted a House Boy for this very reason. He could come every day to clean, do the grocery shopping, mow the lawn, weed the flower beds and maybe clean the pool on occasion. Of course, we don't have a pool. There is no point in having a pool in Minnesota when it is only warm enough to swim about two months out of every year. I guess you could skate on it the rest of the time but no one really does that. Well, we don't have a House Boy anyway. So, no one will be coming today to clean the stove and mop the floors. I'll have to do it...I should probably get started. Damn. One last thing...Blogging for LGBT Families Day is coming up. I'll be participating again this year and will post on Monday. Have a great weekend.