Blog Neglect

Once again, I have been neglecting my blog. My only excuse is that my job is kicking my ass right now. I have been very busy making grown men cry and listening to old, oxygen-dependent ladies yell at me. I have been arguing with a WWII vet about his housing options. I am also in the middle of an appeal and preparing for a trial. As you might imagine, all of this takes a bit of time. It also takes a lot of mental energy that I don’t have because I spend quite a bit of time wondering how I ended up solving other people’s problems for a living. I’m a little bitter right now as you might have noticed. The bitterness will pass. It always does. So...

Miguel did, in fact, survive his time away from us though it appears that he did not change his socks while he was away. I should have taken a picture of his blackened socks before throwing them away but I didn’t, so, you will just have to take my word for it. He had a wonderful time and said that he missed us a tiny, little bit the first night but quickly got over it. Would it have killed him to pine for us or at least lie and tell us that he did? It was a strange time for him to explore the concept of honesty. Zeca enjoyed being a single child for a couple of days but was still very excited to see Miguel when he returned. They immediately began to bicker which erased all good will I had felt towards them prior to Miguel’s departure. That said, we all survived and things have returned to normal.

I will write more soon...I promise.