Lemony Snicker

My hands smell like fake lemons. You see, I bought some rubber gloves to wear while doing dishes and didn't realize that they were "Lemon Scented!". I love the smell of fresh lemons, the taste of freshly squeezed lemonade and can even enjoy a sweet and sour lemon drop. I cannot, apparently, abide by the smell of faux lemon-scented latex. I've been walking around the house all day and then I'll catch a whiff of the faux lemon and think, "What the hell is that smell?!" and then realize, once again, that it is my hands. And to answer your question, yes, I have washed my hands. Repeatedly. In other news, things have been rather slow here at Up Popped A Fox. I realize that I haven't been posting all that much and also took the easy way out with a couple of posts almost entirely composed of pictures. Then, today, all I give you is lemon-scented gloves. I think I am suffering from some sort of blogging spring fever and I need your help. I know that you probably go through your life thinking, "Gee...I wonder what Vikki would write/say about this?" I'm just kidding. Sometimes, I do that, though, and then I have to bang my head into something really hard so that I stop talking about myself in the third person. Anyway, I was hoping that maybe you all could jump start my creativity. That's right, I am asking you for ideas. My laziness exceeds all bounds, no? Sometimes, it is fun to write about things people suggest. Remember how much fun we had with the prison thing? So, if you have any ideas, leave a comment or drop me a line - my email address is over in the sidebar. Remember, when a blogger gives you lemon-scented gloves, make lemonade!*

*I am, of course, speaking metaphorically because faux lemon-scented lemonade would really suck. They have a name for that...I think it is called Crystal Light.