Get into the Groove

Thank you for all of the kind words and wishes my previous post. The past several days have been crazy for us with too much work and not enough free time. Anyway, I haven't had a chance to blog until now. On Saturday night, we dropped our kids off with the ex and her girlfriend. They kindly offered to take our kids for the entire night which makes them very loving, crazy or both. The kids couldn't wait for us to leave and we ran out of the house, jumped in the car and burned rubber before anyone changed their mind. We headed downtown to Café Brenda where we had a 6 o'clock reservation. Since having kids, we have a lot of reservations about going out to eat but few opportunities to make reservations. Reservations are sexy! I wrote that previous sentence with the full knowledge that I really don't get out much. We sat down, ordered a nice bottle of wine (Pedroncelli Zinfandel Mother Clone 2005) and got down to the business at hand - people watching. I love to watch other people but, when we are out with the kids, I don't have the chance. You've heard of the World's Largest Ball of Twine? Well, we have a lesser known attraction - The World's Loudest Children. When we are out, we are the watched, not the watchers. So, with our children nowhere in sight, I could really watch people. There was the elderly couple holding hands over their sea scallops, the middle-aged couple that were clearly dating, the young woman in the hockey jersey and flip flops, the man in red flannel and his wife with the Lutheran church lady hair. Good, good people watching.  We had a wonderful meal and talked to each other...slowly and in complete, uninterrupted sentences. It made me realize that we have begun to communicate in verbal short-hand because the children are always talking and singing and begging. Really, we've become like dolphins (or manatees, if you are an L Word fan). We communicate in clicks and squeals.

We finished dinner around 8 p.m. and went home to change into more casual clothes before heading to our next destination, Pi. We didn't want to get there too early though so Luisa suggested we run some errands. Yay for celebratory practicality! We went to Haskell's to take advantage of the five cent wine sale and then to Zipp's to take advantage of the Portuguese wine sale. We finally made our way to Pi which was filled with lesbians from our very own age demographic. We felt right at home and that was before they started playing 80's music. "Get into the Groove"...oh, how I miss 1985 Madonna. Luisa suggested we dance and I reluctantly agreed. I am not a dancer. I am too uptight and spend the whole time silently instructing myself, "left, left, now, right, right, shake a little, move your hands a little, o.k. now left again..." It's not fun for me and cannot be fun for anyone watching. Luisa is very cute when she dances though so it was worth the struggle just to watch her. We left the bar around 11 p.m. and went home where we SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. If that is not a happy ending to a date, then I don't know what is.