Fear the Saturn

It's raining again. I know you think I am going to complain about the weather again but I'm not. Really. My only problem with the rain is that it mysteriously affects the turn signals on my car. When the temperatures are above freezing, my turn signals only function intermittently. Who knew that turn signals had their own whims? Today, I spent my time driving around the city pissing people off every time I had to make a turn. Luisa has suggested hand signals and, as much as I pride myself on the fact that I am a conscientious driver, I will not wave my arms around out in the cold rain every time I need to change lanes. Alright, I won't do it because I think it is very uncool. This is my dilemma...should I play it cool or should I adhere to the rules? I am torn. What I would really like to do is to put a big sign on the back window of my car that reads:

I should have signaled just now but my turn signals aren't working. I am really sorry. In case you were wondering, I did take the car in and the mechanic could not find the problem. Believe me...this bothers me just as much as it bothers you because I really am a follower of rules. I generally follow all rules. I mean it...even the ridiculous rules that govern the size and type of carry on luggage you can take on the plane. This turn signal issue has really been hard on me, so, please...PLEASE stop flipping me off. It really hurts my feelings.

I guess the alternative is just to adopt an attitude about it. I could just embrace my reckless driving and, when people flip me off, I could just give them a steely look and a sly smile. That's right...you better fear this middle-aged woman in her Saturn.