The 2008 Peep Centerpieces

My friend Ali is searching for an explanation for what can only be described as The Peep Phenomenon. It is true that the humble peep has inspired poetry, dioramas, sculptures and mosaics but I certainly can't explain it. I have fond memories of peeps in my Easter basket as a child but, believe it or not, I simply ate them back then. They are cute...and bright...and hilarious. That said, I honestly don't know why I love peeps, why I run out and buy hundreds of the little buggers, or why I use them to express myself creatively. All I know is that peeps make me smile. Today, Zeca was invited into the Secret Society of Peeps. While Luisa and Miguel worked on his centerpiece, Zeca helped me with mine. She excitedly handed me peeps, chose colors and even put some on skewers. She had a blast. Luisa is already dreading next year. Why? Because when both centerpieces were finished, Zeca said, "Next year, for my centerpiece..."

Miguel's 2008 Centerpiece Miguel's 2008 Centerpiece


Vikki's 2008 Centerpiece