Peep Report

If I had a dime for every person who has asked me if there is going to be a peep centerpiece this year, I'd have a whole dollar. Coincidentally, a box of peeps costs about a dollar. I did notice, however, that there are only 10 peeps to a package this year whereas there have always been 15 peeps to a pack in years past. Those people at Just Born can't fool me! I can't tell you the price of a gallon of milk but I can tell you how many peeps there are in a package and the average sale price. Hmmm...that's actually a little sad. Anyway... Yes, there will be a peep centerpiece this year even though we are not having a big Easter party. There must be a centerpiece. Spring cannot come if the peeps do not join their sugary wings in celebration. Right now, I have absolutely no idea what I will create which - let me prepare you - is generally a bad sign. So, lower your expectations right now. I'll post pictures of this year's centerpiece on Monday but, until then, check out the past centerpieces by clicking on the Peep Gallery over there in the left sidebar.