Did you know that "a-go-go" comes from the french word for galore? I didn't. There is probably some rule about starting a post or an essay with a question, especially a question that is pretty irrelevant to the rest of the piece, but I just broke that rule. Ha! I laugh at rules. Today, we are talking memes and there are many out there. Dana at Mombian challenged me to explain my life in six words. Marjorie at 280 Main Street tagged me twice: once for 7 weird or random facts about myself and once for 6 kid quirks. Kat at Sassy Irish Lassie also tagged me for the 7 weird facts thing. In a related meme, Missy tagged me for 7 things about myself a very long time ago.  Lastly, Mo over at Bike Ridin' Momma tagged me awhile back for 6 useless facts about myself. All these great bloggers were kind enough to invite my participation and I pretty much ignored them. I want you all to know that it is not personal - there is something about memes that brings out the oppositional defiant streak in me. Well, that and the fact that I have been a pretty lazy blogger lately. When I first started blogging, I remember wishing to be tagged because it would mean that someone other than Luisa was actually reading my blog. Then, I started getting tagged and I was all, "How nice!" and then I would go do something more productive than responding...something like staring into space thinking about a new pair of socks. Tsk tsk.  Today, I am going to change all that. Today, we will have the Day of the Memes! Yes, I can feel your excitement! So, here we go...

My Life in Six Words

This was actually hard for me because I kept thinking in syllables. It is not easy to write about your life in six syllables and, when you start trying to do that, you know you write way too many haikus (search haiku on this blog and you will see what I mean). life in six words: Queer with a white picket fence.  Yes, I am much more than a mom and a partner and all that stuff but, really, my identity is pretty much defined by that at this point in my life. When my kids are out of the house maybe I'll get to change it to Queer with time on my hands for creative pursuits and travel and reading and music and quiet dinners and sleep...wait, that's a few more than six.

Six of My Kids' Many Quirks

1. When Miguel was about two, he had an irrational fear of torn drywall and cracked plaster. He would refuse to go into rooms that had either of those things. He would point, back up and say, "NO! Torn dryWALL".

2. When a word ends in the letter "f", Zeca pronounces it as "th". So, this morning she asked if she could wear her purple scarth.

3. You know how you hear stories about kids who stick their tongues to metal things in the winter and get stuck? I always wondered what kind of kid actually did that...then we had Miguel. He once licked the pole of a street sign in the dead of winter and, of course, his tongue stuck.

4. Zeca loves to swim and loves baths but she hates to be touched with wet hands. She cries and responds as if she has been doused with acid.

5. Our kids fight over who gets to sit at the head of the table...every single day. They also fight about who gets to have a particular fork (one that does not match the rest of our silverware).

6. Both of our children will talk to anyone about anything!

Seven Weird or Random Facts About Me

I have done one meme on this blog and that one asked for five facts. None of those were very weird or random so I'm going to go with seven new things and hope that this list will also take care of the six useless facts at the same time. Yay for efficiency!

1. I have six toes on one foot. Nah, I'm just kidding but that would certainly be weird, huh? My feet are standard issue though they do have a superpower. I have monkey toes and can pick up just about any object with them and can also really pinch with them. Ask my friends.

2. I bite my cuticles and have since I was about 7. It's awful and I stop for awhile and then resume this nasty habit. As a result, I don't wear my wedding ring anymore and I hide my hands in pictures. There is this funny picture of me holding Miguel when he was about 3 months old and he is sitting on my lap and I am keeping him balanced there with my fists.

3. My shoes have to match my belt. I know that many people feel this way but, if I got to work and realized that I was wearing a brown belt with black shoes, I would drive all the way home to change. I would have to or I would not be able to concentrate.

4. I have a strange fascination with peeps...but I think you know that already.

5. I spent several summers in Climax Springs, Missouri. The name of the town still makes me giggle like Miguel does when he hears the word "fart".

6. I once ate a tablespoon of salt on a dare. Yes, I was rather stupid. Yes, it was really disgusting. Yes, I was then very thirsty.

7. In celebration of our 15th anniversary next month, I have been planning on writing the story of how Luisa and I met but I'll give you a little teaser here. On the night of our second meeting, I thought it would be a good idea to do my noodle trick. This involves putting a piece of cooked spaghetti up one side of my nose and snorting it until the end comes out in the back of my throat. Then, I pull that end out so that one end is hanging out of my nose and one end is hanging out of my mouth. I thought this would make me memorable in a sea of lesbians. A friend tried to talk me out of it but I did the trick and Luisa saw it. Looking back, I can't believe she agreed to go out with me after that.

There you have it...more than you ever wanted to know about me and mine. I'm not going to tag anyone else though. I'm too shy for that (a bonus weird and random fact)!