The Lonliest Number

nowacceptingblackml1.gifMy old pal, Polly, over at LesbianDad was so kind as to nominate my little lesbo mama blog for Lesbian Blog of the Year. This was an extraordinary act of kindness and can only be explained by temporary insanity or, at the very least, her recent use of precription pain killers. I am not one for self-promotion but I have seen my readership increase in the past year and would like that trend to continue, so, I am hoping that maybe one of you would go over and simply second the nomination. One vote seems a little sad...I was hoping that maybe it could have the company of one more vote. Being nominated for something that is so clearly out of my league is embarrassing but also kinda fun. It's like the time I was elected captain of the rugby team...but with a lot less beer. Of course, just yesterday, I was voted Meanest Mother Ever when I denied my child of a second piece of pie. Nothing can really compare to that honor.