In My Stream of Consciousness Without a Paddle

I like you people who come here and read my little stories. You are nice and I want to please you. So, when you asked for more about Luisa, I wanted to give it to you. I read your comments, went home and asked Luisa if I could share some stories about her here. I then endured a 15 minute interrogation regarding my interest in writing about her and she finally laid out the one rule she wished me to follow in blogging about her. She told me that I could write about her if it was in context. She then went on to provide an example, "Like when you wrote about the kite could have said, '...and Luisa was there flying a kite'". I should have thought of that would have made the narrative much more gripping. So, I am going to tell you a little tale...a tale that is not about Luisa as much as it is about this time I met this really cool woman and proceeded, in my own geeky way, to win her over. It is a story that involves laundry and noodles and brownies. There might even be a queer country and western bar in the story. Yes, I am going to write this story and there will be a lot of context but I can't write it today. I don't have time today. You will have to wait but it is coming.

Today, I have time to tell you that I have taken up knitting. Yes, I am a homebody and I like to sit on the couch wearing fuzzy pink slippers, eating ice cream sandwiches while surrounded by my numerous cats. Yes, they are my children and I call them all "pookie" and blithely pick their little hairs out of my ice cream while talking to them in a our special language that involves meowing and butt bumping. In fact, I may take their errant hairs and spin them into yarn so that I can continue knitting.  Anyway, I learned to knit last week and have already completed my first scarf. Now, I need more yarn to make more scarves. I'm not ready for anything more complicated despite the fact that Miguel is convinced that I can now whip him up a pair of socks or a blanket for his bed or a trampoline. O.k. I made up the part about the trampoline but it just seemed like something he would ask me to do. I would be happy knitting nothing but scarves. I could become a Scarf Specialist because, really, shouldn't there be such a thing? I could make business cards: Vikki Reich - Scarf Specialist and the tag line could be something like "It's a cold world out there, at least your neck should be warm". Anyway, I'm very excited about the knitting despite the fact that my 72 year old mother who is virtually house bound mocked my new hobby. She actually asked me, "How old are you now?". She sounded almost as disgusted as the time I told her that the young woman writing me letters every other day was not my girlfriend but my girlfriend.

I have not had enough sleep in the past week due to various things...some within my control and others beyond my control. My point is that I am very tired and this whole post is just digression within digression. For example, I don't really have any cats but I got carried away with the image of the cats and couldn't stop myself. It was self-indulgent and very enjoyable to let my mind run away like that. Same with the scarf thing. Of course, you probably already realized that I was indulging myself. You are smart that way.

Some time ago, my friend Susan was involved with a local paper and she asked me to write a piece about learning things from books. I wrote this long, mildly funny piece about learning to make a movie from reading books. I loved it. Every single word of it. I sent it off to Susan feeling quite pleased with myself only to have it returned to me with significant edits. She had taken out huge chunks...chunks I thought were absolutely hilarious and essential. I was horrified and I sent her an e-mail indicating my horror. She sent me back a lovely email explaining to me what editing is about. Basically, in kind words, she told me that she had removed the parts that I had clearly written to entertain myself. You see...I am making a point now...Susan will probably read this post and note that I still need an editor.