Something Sweet

I've never felt compelled to watch the L Word but lately I've been feeling that I am missing out on a pop culture moment. I know...the series just started its fifth season so I am a bit slow in feeling left out. Still, I decided to check it out and borrowed the first season from a co-worker. Luisa and I sat down to watch it last weekend. I pulled the first DVD from its ugly pink case, popped it in the DVD player and, exhausted from the effort, needed a little snack. We have pretty much rid our house of all of the holiday treats and snacks so the only slightly sweet thing in the house was Clifford Crunch. I poured myself a bowl, got comfortable on the couch and Luisa started the pilot episode. Let me tell was amazing...the cereal, that is. I have never eaten a cereal as tasty as Clifford Crunch. The flavor was reminiscent of the marshmallowy goodness of Count Chocula ( I miss the Count) but without high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. It was so good that we had to pause the L word so that I could go get a second bowl. I actually exclaimed, "Oh my god! Where has Clifford Crunch been all my life?!" Luisa regarded me suspiciously and it was then that I realized I was acting just like I did the time I ate Grape Nuts under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms and declared them to be the best thing I had ever eaten in my entire life and then proceeded to profess this to every single person I encountered, like I was some sort of Cereal Fundamentalist. Ahem...when one begins to explores one's cereal fetish, I think it is safe to say that there has been a digression.

The L Word. Yes. We laughed a lot, mostly in that "you've got to be kidding me" way. I thought Luisa was going to run from the room when watching certain stereotypes played out on the screen or when suffering through some of the unbelievable dialogue. As for me, I will say that, even after being out for 18 years, I am still a sucker for seeing two women kiss other things on television. I don't know if I can convince Luisa to watch any more of the episodes with me though and I won't watch them alone because, well, it seems wrong to watch soft porn without my girlfriend.