Your Guide to Sexist Giving

It's that time of year again, the time when many of us are shopping for gifts. I am nothing if not helpful so I am once again highlighting some of the fabulously stereotypical marketing that I have run across in my internet travels. Last year, I called your attention to Target and their helpful guide to shopping for boys' and girls' toys. I'd like to say that they have improved but they have not. Hurry over to their site and you will find "Top picks for your princess" and "Fun buys for little guys". To avoid any confusion, the first section is labelled "Girls' Toys" and the second, "Boys' Toys". If your little boy is a bit of a princess or your little girl is like Buddy on Family, you will find no help in their shopping guide.

I also ran across a helpful purchase for the parent strapped for time. You say you don't have time to get stocking stuffers for you child this year? Fear not, Pottery Barn is there for you. Pottery Barn cares about you and your children. They want life to be just a tiny bit easier for you. So, you can buy a Girls' Stocking Stuffer Gift Set that comes with a doll, princess finger puppets and a jump rope. Come on...this is everything a girl could ever want.  For the boy in your life, you can get the Boys' Stocking Stuffer Gift Set which includes monster finger puppets, glow in the dark stars and a slinky. I, for one, am happy that they didn't put a slinky or stars in the girl set. You know how easily girls become confused by mechanics and science.

Lastly, I want to help you find pajamas for your children. The Gap is definitely the place to go for all of your sleepwear needs. You can buy camoflauge print PJ's for the boys and lovely lavendar PJ's for your girl that say, "Follow Your Dreams", which preseumably do not involve hand grenades and automatic weapons. Maybe your boy prefers a simple pair of sleep bottoms...well, Santa skulls are always fun! Girls aren't interested in such things so you can buy your girl Santa Doggie pants. The doggies have cute little pink hats on because, in case you didn't know, girls are all about pink!

Happy shopping and feel free to share your sexist finds here!