Modern Day Shopping

Luisa and I decided to buy our daughter a pink Hanna Andersson dress for Christmas. You have questions about this, I'm sure. So, let's get the answers to those questions out of the way before we proceed:

  • Yes, Hanna Andersson's clothing is ridiculously expensive
  • No, we don't normally pay that much for our kids' clothing
  • Yes, a pink dress
  • No, it doesn't get much more painful than this for a couple of androgynous lesbians like ourselves

As if buying an expensive gender typical clothing item for our daughter was not cringe-worthy enough, Luisa had to travel to the Mall of America to buy it. It seems the devil got a good deal in buying our souls in bulk. Luisa called me en route to the Mall of Shame to tell me that she was on her way and to confirm Zeca's size. I then went to get some lunch. When I returned to my desk 15 minutes later, I had 6 missed calls on my work phone and my personal cell phone was ringing. I answered my cell and said, "What? Are you having some sort of shopping emergency?!" thinking myself quite witty. She exclaimed, "YES! I AM!" She was at Hanna Andersson and they had the dress in Zeca's size but not the opposite stripe loose leggings to match (a girl's gotta have leggings in Minnesota in the winter). Luisa then went on to spin a harrowing and slightly hysterical tale of her time at the mall and told me to get on the Hanna Andersson website to see if they had the leggings. We spent the next 15 minutes shopping at both Hanna Andersson online and the actual Hanna Andersson store. We made purchases at both locations and the crisis was resolved just like that. Of course, it was easy for me to remain calm because I was the one sitting a my desk sipping an ice cold beverage while Luisa was at the Mall...amongst the people...without a flask.