We Don't Get Out Much

Last night, there was a potluck for the parents of children in Zeca's class. Luisa and I forgot that we don't like to hang out with people that we don't know and agreed to go to the damn thing. Unfortunately, we remembered this little quirk of ours as we were sitting in the car outside the hosts' house. I've always found that the most effective way to deal with this sort of realization is to begin bickering about whose idea it was to come and then for each party to reveal that they only came because they thought the other party wanted to attend. Yes, this is a fine way to start any night. We decided to go in since we had a sitter and a plate full of food. Oh...and numerous people had seen us. We spent the first 15 minutes eating, drinking lots of wine and watching the other parents suspiciously. I like to think of this as Creating the Mystique. The Mystique did not draw anyone to us, however, so I moved over to the dessert table and found these delicious little dark chocolate cups filled with alcohol and, let me tell you, they were fabulous when washed down with a bit more wine. As I was eating my alcohol, the host came by and stuck a letter "L" on me and I started to say something witty like, "I don't like to be labelled" but given that Luisa and were the only queer folk in the room I didn't think anyone would get it. Everyone was divided into teams by letters and then we played games. My team sucked and Luisa's team was undefeated. Luisa began some wine-induced bragging and wandered off while I chatted with some other parents about my outrage that it is not as easy to find good bread here in the U.S. as it is in Europe. Yes, my small talk skills were on fire!

Eventually, I moved into the dining room to find Luisa playing ping pong with strangers. There was much laughing and high fiving and then I learned that this was not ping pong at all. No, this was Beer Pong. The players were attempting to hit the ping pong ball into their opponents cups of beer at which point there was a lot of cheering and chugging. In the end, Luisa was the Beer Pong champion and quite proud of the title. With her Beer Pong skills and my ability to break beer bottles with my bare hands, I think we can open our own frat house.