Our bedroom faces east and has large windows on every wall. We still haven't put up curtains or shades because I have been unable to give up the view, to give up the feeling that I am sleeping outside. This morning, I got up while it was still dark, took a shower and started getting the kids ready for the day. When I walked back into our room, it was beginning to get light and the sky was an explosion of color with orange and pink shards of clouds radiating out from an expanse of periwinkle. The colors filled the room with a warmth that is becoming more rare with each passing day. I yelled for Miguel to come into the room and he came in and stopped in the middle of the room. I didn't need to tell him why I had called for him or what I wanted him to see. He stood absolutely still and silent which, if you know Miguel at all, is a miracle in and of itself. I brought Zeca into the room and held her in my arms as I stood by one of the windows. I pointed to the sky and told her to look. She slowly smiled and simply said, "I want to see it again". The three of us stood there transfixed and I thought to myself that, even if nothing else went right for the rest of the day, that moment was perfect.