In Barbie We Trust

Zeca was reliably potty trained by the end of August and there was much rejoicing in our household. Not only were we finally free from changing wet pants, we were excited to know that she would be ready to start Lake Country in September as planned. The first several weeks of school went very well and she rarely had accidents. Then, towards the end of October, she started having accidents every day. We thought this was really strange but figured that she might be having some sort of delayed transition issues. It got worse, however, and she began having two or more accidents per day. At this point, we were absolutely flummoxed and frustrated. One of her teachers suggested that we take her to the doctor to rule out a urinary tract infection because there had been such a drastic change. We took her in and there was, in fact, a physical cause for her problems. So, we treated her for the past couple of weeks and it has resolved but she continues to wet her pants. We are assuming that it was painful for her to go potty so she avoided it and then would wet her pants. The pain should be gone now but she still seems reluctant to go potty. We are at our wits end. We are desperate. So, I told Zeca that I would take her to Target and let her pick out any big girl underwear she wanted to reward her for using the potty. Given her love of pink stereotypically girly things, I knew what might happen. I knew that we might end up with princess underwear and I was at peace with that. We stood before the wall of girly panties and I saw the princess underwear and I clenched my fists waiting for her to put them in the cart. I was not prepared for her to say, "O.k. mama, I want the Barbie underwear!" Barbie underwear? I had no idea such a thing existed and,  yet, there was Barbie with her blonde hair and sparkly accents. She taunted me from the package and I could almost hear her laughing maniacally and saying, "Barbie always wins in the end" (because I just know she would speak of herself in the third person). First of all, how does my two year old even know Barbie? We have no Barbies in our household and no Barbie trappings. Secondly, what was I to do? I had promised her any underwear she desired. I was desperate for the underwear to be a motivator for her and, yet, I am anti-Barbie and the Anti-Barbie.  I slowly pulled the underwear off the rack and I swear Barbie winked at me. I asked Zeca if she was sure about 7 times before it was clear that she would not be dissuaded. I bought the Barbie underwear. I sold my soul to Barbie and all I can say is that she better be worth it.