Netflix Wins

We have had a Netflix account for a really long time, though we changed our plan in recent years and now have one of the cheap plans. We pay $8.99 per month and we get one movie at a time but an unlimited number of exchanges. In order for this plan to work in our favor, we need to watch at least two movies per month. Three would be even better.  Well, we sat down to watch our movie last night and realized that we have had it since 9/29/07. That's right, we have had the same damn DVD for 7 weeks. I could make all sorts of excuses...the movie is's not a movie to taken lightly and we have been exhausted lately. The problem is that we had the previous movie, Strangers with Candy, for 5 weeks and never even watched it. It appears that we neglect dramas and comedies equally. If you have ever wondered how Netflix makes their money, I am here to tell you that they make their money off of us. We are single-handedly bankrolling the Netflix empire.