We just got back from the Holidazzle Parade in downtown Minneapolis, It was a perfect night for it...a beautiful clear sky, a full moon, and mild temperatures (a balmy 35 degrees). Miguel actually complained that he was too hot but when I suggested that he stop drinking the hot chocolate, he fell silent. We never went to the Holidazzle until we had kids and now we go every year. There is something especially fun and festive (and, perhaps, uniquely Minnesotan) about being out in the cold at night with thousands of people watching a parade of lights. Miguel's favorite part was the people dressed as giant, multicolored light bulbs. Zeca's favorite part was Santa Claus. Well, I am going to say that it was Santa Claus because that is the only thing she said "wasn't scary". I don't know what Luisa's favorite part was because we got home, tossed the children into their beds and she started painting Miguel's room. I'm sitting here blogging and am too lazy to go upstairs and ask her about her favorite part. Perhaps I should just make up a favorite part for her. Hmmm...she might have said she liked the light bulbs as well. As for me, my favorite part was simply being with my friends and family. Oh, and the latte.