Christmas Wishes

Zeca and I were cuddling in her bed tonight and I thought I would make a little conversation... Me: So, Zeca, have you thought of anything you want for Christmas?

Zeca: I want a little pink car I can drive on the sidewalk.

I try not to sigh audibly because she has mentioned this before and we are not buying her a Barbie Jeep to tool around the 'hood.

Me: Is there anything else?

Zeca: Yes...I want a pretend bloody finger.

Me: A pretend bloody finger, huh?

Zeca: Yes...and this (she brings her hands together and then pulls them apart).

Me: What?

Zeca: You know?

She makes the motion with her hands again and, suddenly, I get it.

Me: A slinky?!

She makes the motion with her hands again, smiles and says, "A slinky!"